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Cover of Room 23. A Crime Thriller by Pete Nunweiler
Room 23 (John Wolfe: Case #1)


600,000 people are reported missing in the United States—every year.  John Wolfe has never reported any, but has certainly caused some. He’s a member of a secret, independent agency.  Nobody knows his real name, and that’s just the way that he wants it.  What could possibly drive a man to enter this line of work?  A young couple on their honeymoon has a long trip ahead of them and need a place to stay for the night.  John is watching the Innkeeper’s every move.  Can he move in before it’s too late?  If he does, can he get back out?

Cover of The Ghost Between Us. Book 1 of a Paranormal trilogy by Pete Nunweiler

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The Ghost Between Us (Book 1)


When Toby Miller loses his wife in a car accident, he carries out the couple's dream of moving to the mountains of Tennessee. Shortly after he moves, he learns of the dark secrets of the house. What really happened that terrible night? Toby is thrust into an emotional roller coaster, and you're sitting in the same seat.

Cover of The Ghost Beside Us. Book 2 of a Paranormal trilogy by Pete Nunweiler
The Ghost Beside Us (Book 2)


It’s been two months since Toby Miller lost his wife and best friend in a car accident.  He learns of his gift; a gift he’s not sure he wants.  His new friend is keeping something from him.  If he learns the truth, will he regret ever asking questions?  The thrill ride continues in this second book of The Ghost Between Us series.

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Cover of The Ghost Within Us. Book 3 of a Paranormal trilogy by Pete Nunweiler

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The Ghost Within Us (Book 3)


Toby and Alex are trapped in a place they thought would help them.  Alex has been threatened by an entity strong enough to silence the chaotic apparitions that have haunted his house.  An unexpected source offers to help, but what could they possibly do that hasn’t already been done?  When all help seems lost, giving up is the only right thing to do.

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Cover of One Hundred Seventy Days. A memoir of th flesh-eating bacteria by Pete Nunweiler
One Hundred Seventy Days


The powerful true story of the unwavering strength of a woman and the indivisible bond of her family.  A mother is taken to the emergency room where she’s seen by a doctor for the first time in forty-two years. What started as a simple procedure has escalated into a deadly situation.

Cover of How Much Water Do We Have. Conquer any challenge in this development book by Pete Nunweiler
How Much Water Do We Have


With the five key elements (The Waters of Success), that are necessary for the success of any goal, life transition, or challenge, you'll learn how to find, acquire, and use them--and how to share them with your team and family members. Are you thirsty? Dive in!

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