Cover of My Colorblind Life.  A guide to understanding life with color vision deficiency by Pete Nunweiler

Coming soon from author Pete Nunweiler.

My Colorblind Life: A Guide to Understanding Life with Color Vision Deficiency


Are you red-green colorblind? Do you know someone who is? Has your young child just learned they are?  This book is for you. You won’t find confusing scientific reasons for Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) here.


In My Colorblind Life, you’ll learn the differences in what the person with CVD sees compared to those who don’t. You’ll also learn how to communicate better with that person.

Spring, 2020
Cover of The River House. A crime thriller by Pete Nunweiler
The River House: John Wolfe Case #2


Mount Placid Police Department is riddled with nearly unidentifiable bodies showing up after heavy rains.  They have one suspect and have pulled patrols from everywhere to monitor the river house.  John Wolfe is assigned the case when the MPPDs evidence is merely circumstantial.  This isn't John first time at the river house.  Have they reported the right guy this time?