What type deficiency have you been diagnosed with and what severity?

Please comment on the following "rules."

Don’t play the “What color is this” game with us unless you’re coming from a place of curiosity and trying to understand.  If we don’t answer, become defensive or sarcastic, it means we don’t trust you.  Even after we’ve learned we’re colorblind, we don’t like to be wrong.  “What color do you see?” is better than “What color is this?”

Don’t ask us to find something based on color, unless it’s blue, black, white or bright yellow.  We don’t understand colors like fuchsia, lavender, taupe, mint, or rust.  It’s better to describe it using other characteristics than color.

Be curious about what a colorblind person sees.  There will come a day when you ask us to find a hunter green _________.  If we’re looking right at it and don’t see it, ask us what we see, when you identify it.  If you need help finding it again, we’ll both be looking for the same thing.

Don’t feel sorry for us.  We’ve been colorblind since we were born.  We don’t know what we’re missing unless you make a big deal out of it.

Please comment on the following common struggles

1.  Red Bird in a Green Tree.  It's not moving.

2.  Red Berries on a green bush.

3.  Green and red shades on a weather map.

4.  Red flowers on a green plant.

5.  Colored holiday lights

6.  Colored traffic lights

7.  Purple

8  <Add any additional struggles you may have>