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Cover of How Much Water Do We Have.  Conquer any challenge in this development book by Pete Nunweiler

   “What have I gotten myself into?”


   We’ve all asked that question. Parents have asked this question. College students have asked it, Entrepreneurs have asked it. Soldiers have asked it as they sweat through basic training.


   By the time we get around to asking, “What have I gotten myself into?” we feel overwhelmed, surprised, overworked, underappreciated, and even lost. If you pose the question to friends or colleagues, the answers may range from “A mess!” to “I don’t know, what HAVE you gotten yourself into?”—offering neither a solution nor relief.


   The realization that we’re “in too deep,” brings with it additional stress or worry, as well as physical changes, including exhaustion, inability to think clearly, confusion, and even body aches. Interestingly, these are some of the very same symptoms of dehydration.

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