Situation Analysis

Products and Services and SWOT Analysis


I am a multi-genre author with published works in self-development, a memoir and fiction.

I.   Strengths:

A.  I am a writer who believes in the craft of literature, the business of being an author and the responsibilities to readers and wholesalers.  Those responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1.  Providing a high quality product

a.  Attractive cover and interior.  Cover and spine should draw attention from across a room.

b.  Paperbacks and hardcovers that are equivalent or higher quality than established publishing companies in physical quality and design.

c.  Industry standard eBooks formatted for all of the eReaders and PDAs in demand.

d.  Original stories in which the characters are relatable to my audience, with an appropriate pace, length and storyline.

2.  Cater to the needs and requirements of retailers and wholesalers.

a.  Offer a 55% discount off cover price

b.  Include barcode on the back cover that includes the price.

c.  Products are returnable for any reason.

d.  Offer a product that is profitable for the retailer that meets all of the responsibilities in item 1 above.

3.  I am registered with the Secretary of State as a business entity with a FEIN and State withholding responsibilities

4.  My business has a portable POS system that takes payments, has discounts programmed into it and provides a receipt to the direct customer or retail client.

B.  Establish an online presence

1.  Over 4,200 fans of The Ghost Between Us and Pete Nunweiler: Author

2.  Professional web site dedicated to being an author with customized domain and mailbox.

C.  Being versed in design from graphic design to videography gives me an advantage to develop and share high-quality memes, social media posts and book trailers.

D.  Business acumen with >20 years in Corporate America; 14 years as a Trainer, Supervisor or Manager

E.  I write damn good memorable stories that people like.

F.  Dedication to both the craft and the business

1.  Beating the odds of independent authors

a.  "In a saturated market, 80% of authors don't sell 100 books a year."  Source: Rick Lite of Stress Free Book Marketing

b.  In the first 6 months as a full-time author, my book sales were greater than 500.

G.  Established successful partnerships with independent bookstores that are stocking my works.

1.  A Long Story Short: Pigeon Forge, TN

2.  Book Warehouse:  Pigeon Forge, TN

3.  Brad's Books: Lebanon, IN

4.  Our Place: Cosby, TN

5.  Fallen Leaf Bookstore:  Nashville, IN

6.  Three Sisters Books & Gifts:  Shelbyville, IN

II.  Weaknesses

A.  Have one year of self-taught experience in the industry

B.  Self-published under the name, As We See It and Peter J Nunweiler

1.  Self-published authors have a bad reputation.  In an industry that anyone can publish a book, not everyone can write a good story, or cater to the needs of the readers or wholesalers.

2.  Sales and Marketing responsibilities fall on me, as the author without formal training.

C.  Target audience for How Much Water Do We Have is too broad.

III.  Opportunities

A.  Publicity

1.  Press releases

2.  Interviews

3.  Awards

4.  Face to face networking

B.  Independent Bookstores

1.  For The Ghost Between Us, in both Indiana and Tennessee, where the story is based.

2.  For One Hundred Seventy Days, hospital gift shops, doctor's offices.

IV.  Threats

A.  Preconceptions of independent authors

Target Audiences

I.  The Ghost Between Us

A.  Women between the ages of 25 and 54 make up 76% of my fan base

1.  3,302 in the United States

2.  544 in the UK

B.  People interested in the paranormal

II.  One Hundred Seventy Days

A.  Medical Staff

B.  Patients and caregivers of Necrotizing Fasciitis

III.  How Much Water Do We Have: 5 Success Principles to Conquer Any Challenge and Thrive in Times of Change

As listed in item C in Weaknesses, the audience needs to be better defined.

Marketing Goals

I.  Short Term Goals

A.  Increase monthly book sales by 25%.  As this goal is reached, will re-evaluate appropriate goal.

B.  Increase the number of bookstores stocking my work by 2 per month.

C.  Obtain a literary agent by end of June 2020

D.  Target "The Big 5" publishing companies once an agent has been established.

II.  Long-term Goals

A.  Gross earnings of $20,800 annually by end of year 2023

B.  Gross earnings of $80,000 annually by end of year 2028

Marketing Tactics

I.  Sales Process

A.  Prospecting

1.  Warm Prospects

a.  Weekly follow-up until trust is built and they begin to submit larger orders to sustain beyond one week, then will reevaluate appropriate timing of follow up.

b.  Be an advocate for the client.

1) . Share their social media posts

2).  Visit them in person occasionally

3).  Support their business objectives

2.  Cold Prospects

a.  Work the list of independent bookstores in the state.

b.  Partner with warm prospects to determine if they have friends in the industry

c.  For One Hundred Seventy Days, meet with merchandizing managers for area hospital gift shops and obtain MD, and CNA support.

d.  Continuously identify and facilitate book signing opportunities in the community

e.  Paid advertising through Social Media

B.  Preparation

1.  Keep book stock in vehicle at all times

2.  Keep multiple copies of Wholesaler Information Sheet for each book

C.  Approach

1.  Provide a tangible product to show the quality of my distributor, IngramSpark.

2.  Offer the contact a free copy

3.  Provide contact the Wholesaler Information Sheet and multiple options through which they can order books

a.  IngramSpark

b.  Verbally during follow-ups


4.  Agree on an appropriate follow up schedule

D.  Presentation

<Need to identify ways to "package" the product in an attractive way.>

Deliver the books in a gift bag that includes business cards, pens or other give-aways

E.  Handling Objections

1.  Anticipate and counter objections

a.  "You're a self-published author":  I am also different than most self-published authors in that:

1).  I have outsourced cover design, and editing.  Distributing through IngramSpark using the same process traditional publishing companies use.

2).  My products are available through 69 online retailers.  I would much rather the money spent on my books go to independent bookstores so that it stays in the community and can create economic growth, and job opportunities.

3).  The difference between most self-published authors and traditional publishing is that many of their works are only available through Amazon, a retail competitor.  I offer a 55% discount for retailers, just like with traditional publishers.  All of my products are returnable for any reason.

4).  As required by most wholesalers, my products do have a barcode in the right places and the price is included in the barcode.

5).  I have over 4,000 social media fans.  550 of them are in the UK, some in Germany, Canada and Brazil.  My book has great reviews by individuals beyond my inner circle.

F.  Closing and Follow-up

Follow up to be decided upon at the time.  Starting with weekly.

II.  Marketing Budget

Budget in the current state is minimal and cannot be budgeted for a year or even a quarter without cash assets.  For my next release, on October 1, 2019, I have a marketing budget of $500.00 to be used for outsourced advertising.  In person prospecting is a cost of business and will continue, regardless of the marketing budget.