Coming soon from author Pete Nunweiler.

Pete needs other colorblind people to interview.  Email Pete directly if you are interested in being interviewed.


Are you red-green colorblind? Do you know someone who is? Has your young child just learned they are?  This book is for you. You won’t find confusing scientific reasons for Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) here.


In My Colorblind Life, you’ll learn the differences in what the person with CVD sees compared to those who don’t. You’ll also learn how to communicate better with that person.


In the Fall of 2018, when author Pete Nunweiler saw color for the first time in his forty-six years with the help of color corrective lenses, he immediately identified ways to explain differences.  He doesn’t limit his message to caregivers.  There’s an entire section for kids that just learned they are colorblind.


The Colorblind Clubhouse


You just learned you’re colorblind.  I’m colorblind too.  Do you only color with crayons that have labels on them?  I do.  Do you sometimes get colors wrong?  I’m a grow-up and I still get them wrong sometimes.  It doesn’t matter.  You will do great things. Being colorblind won’t stop you from doing anything you want to when you grow up.  You see things in a way that other people can't see.  Welcome to the Colorblind Clubhouse.