The Second Water of Success

Planning happens all the time in our lives. We set the coffee pot at night to automatically start brewing fifteen minutes before the alarm goes off. We might even get a great outfit prepared to wear in the morning. When we get paid, we compare how much money we received to the amount of money we owe. Sometimes there's more available then has to go to debtors. Other times, we owe more to others that we received. This is when we begin to think "What have I gotten myself into?" For that answer, refer to the first water of success, Information. Simply put, we are comparing our assets to the task at hand. We identify and utilize the assets we have to accomplish that task, including getting up with the alarm clock or paying bills.

In other, more significant, challenges in our lives and in our business, we don't use this same process. Some approach a challenge as something that's done "to" them. Instead, I challenge you to quickly gather as much information as possible regarding the challenge, and identify the assets at your disposal and utilize them to accomplish the task. Consider anybody you know or anything you have as an asset that may help you through it. Chances are, somebody has faced the same challenge and successfully accomplished it.

In the picture here, we were on vacation and it had been raining. Rain and expensive camera equipment don't play nicely together. Instead of staying inside, we bought rain gear to wear and two umbrellas. The rain kept most people indoors, which offered us many places in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park to ourselves. When I captured this image, the sound of the rain on my umbrella was deafening. Since that day, we have hoped for rain every time we visit The Smokies.

Rather than letting the rain stop us from doing what we love, we identified our assets, utilized them and found great joy in the very same situation that kept most people away. The rain was no longer a challenge at all because we made a plan.

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