The Fourth Water of Success

Support is the one type of water that can get people through a challenge even when all other waters are missing or have failed. When they realize they don't have all the information, are not included in the plan and have no motivation to see the challenge through, support and only support will help them see it through.

Think of a time that you were concerned about a particular situation and sought councel from a friend, coworker or supervisor. Now think of the purpose behind that conversation. Perhaps it was just to vent your frustrations so they weren't bottled up inside you, but maybe it was to initiate a change that would result in a new outcome which would be more satisfactory. I ask you to consider that in all cases, you were seeking support from that person. Support could be in the form of agreement with your opinion or assistance with making a change. It does not always involve assisting another person to complete their challenges. and sometimes only includes providing another person with confidence or encouragement to be successful on their own.

In "How Much Water Do We Have" you will find that in June of 2011, support was the only water of success that got us through that eight mile round trip hike gaining 2,100 feet in elevation in four miles. All other waters were missing and the challenge was still ultimately successful because of the amount we supported each other.

You may be considering a challenge you're currently facing. If so, I encourage you to reach out to somebody else who is either going through the same challenge and tell them what you are going through. They may be feeling the same way. I further encourage you to describe your challenge to someone who wouldn't understand what you're experiencing at all. By doing so, it will help you determine the root of your frustration since this person isn't familiar with your specific endeavor.

Support can be requested or provided in many different ways and is a pivitol element in the success or failure of an initiative. How much water do you have?

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