New Release: Video Trailer for The Ghost Within Us

After more than six weeks, the full preview for book 3 of The Ghost Between Us series is ready. The Ghost Within Us has been described as "The most gripping book series I have ever read." Bringing the characters to life has been as rewarding as it was challenging.

The little boy was such a joy to work with. He's autistic and was so incredibly excited to "be in a movie." His mother explained to me that he practiced his lines over and over for two days. I drove an hour away from home to shoot the scene in her basement. Her son came down the stairs, and I told him where to stand and where to look. Three takes and fifteen minutes later, I was on my way home. He was perfect right off the bat. The second and third take were only to record him walking away. He got so excited about his lines, he forgot to walk away. The recording of his lines was done on the first try.

I, personally, did the parts of Toby Miller. Boy, did I feel silly recording lines in my house with no one else home. I still don't love my parts because I think they seem silly, but that's how I get to know how everyone else feels.

For the other parts, I scrolled for an hour through my Facebook friends list and identified people who resembled the characters. Madame Rose, who warns, "They're your ghosts, and they will break you - if you let them," was an easy decision and I got a chance to spend some time with a dear friend that I hadn't seen on more than five years.

When "Madeline" and I recorded the outdoor scene where she tells Toby he has a portal, the camera microphone was about ten feet away and the audio flat out sucks. I'm still hoping to reconnect with the actress to re-record the lines with my studio microphone.

"Daryl" was an easy choice too. My dear friend who has spent the night at my house many times, has the wildest hair when he wakes up in the morning. I dubbed another's voice over some of his lines because he was in a really good mood the morning I recorded him and didn't sound quite crazy enough for what I needed.

Daryl's voice over is an old friend of mine from my time in the Army. He's from Texas and when he gets excited, it's obvious where he's from. It only seemed fitting to pick him for the lines of, "Trial's over," and "Time to answer for what you've done."

The actor I used for "Curtis," was a good sport based on Curtis's character in the book. The man who is "a bit uneasy" since his motel was robbed a few weeks prior and pulls a gun on Toby is an overweight man with no front teeth and a white t-shirt that doesn't cover his belly. The actor I used also has done extras in shows like "Prison Break."

The narrator voice over was a friend of my daughter who's accent is genuine as she's from Western North Caroline.

The biggest challenge was to find Alex. When I scrolled down my friends list and found the actress, I knew instantly who I wanted to lay flat on the ground and turn her eyes black. That was another hour-long drive to get to her house. It took two tries to get the three-second shot.

Using a video trailer for a book may not prove to be successful, but it sure was fun to put together. I thank every one of the friends that played along, and felt silly doing it.