How Much Water Do We Have?

What have I gotten myself into?
Where do I go from here?
How am I going to survive this?

If questions like these have run through your mind lately, chances are you're feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or fearful. Whether those questions are the result of positive changes, like business growth or the birth of a child, or unwanted circumstances, such as stress at the workplace or divorce, the right resources and support can help you successfully navigate those challenges.

In How Much Water Do We Have? Pete Nunweiler identifies five key elements that are necessary for the success of any goal, life transition, or challenge. He calls these elements the 5 Waters of Success, and like the water we drink, we need them to thrive in today's rapidly paced world.

Information--Learn to ask the right questions to equip yourself to succeed.
Planning--Use the right information to create a thorough, flexible plan.
Motivation--Understand what drives you and those around you to push through adversity.
Support--Find the people you need to help you win.
Leadership--Combine great leadership with the elements above to accomplish amazing results.

These essential elements will empower you to conquer any challenge and thrive in times of change. How Much Water Do We Have? equips you to recognize the signs of dehydration at work and at home. You'll learn how to find, acquire, and use the 5 Waters of Success--and how to share them with your team and family members. Are you thirsty? Dive in!

How Much Water Do We Have?

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  • February 9, 2016