Cover of The Ghost Beside Us. Book 2 of a pranormal trilogy by Pete Nunweiler

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Everybody has secrets!

It’s been two months since Toby Miller lost his wife and best friend in a car accident.  He’s doing the best he can to learn to live again without her.  He learns of his gift; a gift he’s not sure he wants.

His new friend is keeping something from him.  The truth?  A lie?  A secret?  If he learns the truth, will he regret ever asking questions?

When the entities in the house become more sinister, they have to prepare.  But for what?  Dowsing rods, a crystal and a spirt box won’t help where they’re going.

The thrill ride continues in this second book of The Ghost Between Us series.  Hang on tight because at the close, you’ll beg for Book 3.

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The Ghost Beside Us: As Always - Narrator: John Pirhalla
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