Cover of The Ghost Between Us. Book 1 of a Paranormal trilogy by Pete Nunweiler

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   You’ll quickly connect with the characters in this captivating paranormal thriller.  With a cliff hanger at the close of every chapter, you won’t want to put it down.


Toby Miller just hung up the phone with his wife, Anna twenty minutes ago.  When it rings again, the voice calling from his wife’s phone isn’t Anna.  “Mister Miller, your wife’s been in an accident.”


Toby makes a promise to honor Anna’s last wish that he carries out their dream of living in the mountains of Tennessee, follow his own goals and, as paranormal enthusiasts, to “keep chasing ghosts.”


When he settles into his “Forever House,” the house is anything but settled.  Instead of chasing ghosts on investigations, he’s the one being chased.  Does the house hold a dark secret?  What happened to the entity in the house?  And is Toby getting the whole story?


What really happened that terrible night?


Toby is thrust into an emotional roller coaster, and you’re sitting in the same seat.  Will Toby learn how to live again without Anna?


The Ghost Between Us is a thrilling story of love, loss and hope with a perfect dose of paranormal suspense.

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The Ghost Between Us: Toby Meets Sara - John Pirhalla
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