Cover of The Ghost Within Us. Book 3 of a paranormal trilogy by Pete Nunweiler

Time to dance!


Toby and Alex are trapped in a place they thought would help them.  Alex has been threatened by an entity strong enough to silence the chaotic apparitions that have haunted Toby’s house.

What did they mean?  Was it more of a warning than a threat?  The only guidance they have now is an absurd directive, and this is no time for riddles to solve.  They must figure what it means.  And they must do it fast.

An unexpected source offers to help, but what could they possibly do that hasn’t already been done?

When all help seems lost, giving up is the only right thing to do.

From goosebumps to tears and back again, this finale of The Ghost Between Us trilogy will certainly make you want to read the entire series again.

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The Ghost Within Us: Escape From Callosity - Narrator: John Pirhalla
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